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Chiangmaicraft is the leading exporter of Thai triangle cushions and pillows with over 2,000 units exported every month.
Thai triangle cushions and pillows are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes and designs to suit all your needs. The cushions are Lai Thai style, colourful fabric designs, and are kapok filled to ensure long lasting firmness.To make sure that the triangular cushions remain in shape and serve their purpose, they are stitched and stuffed in a simple manner. They consist of small triangles, each supporting and bracing the others. Most common and typical among Thai pillows and cushions is the mon khwan, literally axe pillow, with reference to its triangular shape, resembling the blade of an axe, it is a supportive cushion for those sitting on the floor.

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If you would like to purchase just the cushion cover/s, so you can add your own filling, we offer these at competative prices also. Individuals and companies are welcome.
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